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Benefits of Digital Marketing

What’s better than ‘the lowest cost’? FREE. (Well… Kind of)

Search engine optimization can provide you with countless visitors to your website, and therefore conversions, if you rank highly for the right keywords.

As we mentioned earlier, there are billions of searches every day on Google, which means it’s likely someone is searching for whatever your business provides right now.

Would they find you? If not, then it’s time you employed a digital marketing agency (such as ourselves – check out our previous work here). An agency that can improve your website in all the areas that Google looks for to get you in front of those searchers.

Using measurement tools such as Google Analytics, you can attribute every sale, lead or meaningful engagement with a potential client to a specific marketing channel. This is only enhanced in the ecommerce world, with Google Analytics integrating directly with many established platforms such as Shopify and Magento.

One of the most effective aspects of digital marketing is that no matter what size of business you are, you can get in front of your customers online.

Plus, the advantage of digital marketing over traditional marketing to small businesses is that it’s arguably much easier to get their message across.

No comms team for sign off. No waiting around for creative approval. Just make an ad and stick it up.

This essentially means that it’s easier to react to opportunities when they arise.

 By posting out a timely reaction to an event of significance, they amassed thousands of retweets, likes and comments.

In reality, it’s rare that a business will ever gain the amount of exposure Oreo did, but the opportunity is there.

Comparatively, traditional marketing has a more ‘local’ set of statistics that are perhaps equally as impressive.

Come on – you wouldn’t see as many KFC ads by the side of the road if they weren’t effective, would you?

Showcase Outdoor state that billboard advertising can reach up to 87% of people in the surrounding area. That’s an incredible stat, and for businesses that are looking to gain more local clients, that’s a huge draw.

What’s more, they also claim that 26% of people that view those ads, go on to visit the company website. That’s a click through rate that people in the digital ad game would take every day of the week.

However, when it comes to engagement through digital marketing vs traditional marketing, although the stats are impressive for traditional media, the numbers are open to interpretation and success can rely on the spot you end up advertising in.

Compared to the interaction you gain by actively participating in communities online – potentially for free – digital can be much more effective.

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